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Ipswich Town Pastors phone:07722 857540 email:admin@ipswichtownpastors.org.uk
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Prayer Base Support

Prayer Base volunteers are present at our base in CYM, Great Colman Street for the duration of the session, which can vary. We try to have two people present, but sometimes only one person is available.

Praying for the team

Your main task is to pray for the Pastors out on duty. Without Prayer Team support there will be no Pastors going out.  Prayer Team members take some initiative in prayerfully caring for Pastors both as they go out and as they patrol the streets.  Pastors may sometimes phone in with issues for prayer, and will rely on the Prayer Room person or persons to pray as appropriate.

We would like to think that you are comfortable in praying and sharing prayer with people.  The team has members from a wide variety of churches, and getting to know a fellow prayer partner is a wonderful experience.  Some Town Pastors are quite nice people, too.

Listening to the radio

There is a TownLink radio that picks up all messages from door staff and the CCTV centre so you can hear a bit of what is going on.  You will want to pray into situations as they arise and seek God's covering and peace whenever trouble kicks off.  Home prayers will phone in to ask if there are any issues for prayer.


Pastors get hungry, and will really appreciate some toast and a cuppa as they come in for a break from their two-hourly shifts.  They really appreciate the odd home-baked bun or other delight, but that is not compulsory.  One Prayer Team member is designated to bring bread and milk.


While the Centre is kept locked and secure we do welcome "official" visitors such as police and Samaritans, who may want to use the toilet or fancy a cuppa.  We enjoy a good relationship with the police, and sometimes a new recruit is brought in to visit us and find out a little bit more about what we do, and it'll most likely be you telling them.

So, if you

then we'd love to hear from you.

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